SafetyZone safety and security window films


With over 30 years of field experience in Israel, Hanita Coatings has become a world leader in the development and manufacture of safety and security window films. Hanita’s security solutions protect government, commercial, residential, medical and school buildings across the globe.

SafetyZone® safety and security films are renowned for their optical clarity and cleanliness — the result of top-grade polyester, Hanita’s proprietary transparent adhesive, and its strict adherence to demanding ISO 9001 quality assurance. Accredited to the most stringent international glass safety standards, SafetyZone films are the professional installer’s choice, delivering performance, price, and installation-friendly flexibility.

SafetyZone Safety and Security window films hold shattered glass in place, delivering shard protection and minimizing the threat of glass-related injuries resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster.

Clear Protection

The SafetyZone range of safety and
security window film improves home
and workplace security by
transforming their most vulnerable
aspect – windows and glazing.


Security Solutions

Hanita Coatings has partnered with Al-Sorag,
Israel’s largest, most experienced company in
safety and security solutions for building
envelopes and facades, to develop
advanced security solutions.


Automotive Security

Hanita Coatings’ solar control safety films for
vehicles are designed to reduce heat, glare
and UV radiation. The films make vehicle
glass safer in the event of an accident,
and more resistant to violent crime.